Paris in Season


Paris in Season


Plane food, croissant, quick sandwich and a juice. Pastry, donut, champagne, and a midnight steak frîte. Whether it’s New York, Paris or Stockholm, travelling for fashion weeks is always something of an inconsistent affair, full of sugary snacks, missed opportunities and an endless shortage of water.

Paris in Season 03
Paris in Season 03

So when returning to these locations for fashion weeks each season, there are a couple of culinary touchpoints I always make sure to return to, to stock up on health and time on my own.


In Paris, it’s Season. Set off the bustling Rue Dupetit-Thouars (home to my favourite book store OFR) in the Marais, the health food restaurant is owned by Cathy Clausier, owner of another Marais hotspot, Café de la Poste.

Paris in Season 05

One can choose between a myriad of healthy dishes made from (as the name would suggest) seasonal produce with their back to fresh air as they throw open the frontage in summer, or in Eames-style wicker chairs in winter.


A melting pot of marble, concrete and raffia, the Cali-scandi interiors were designed by Clausier’s friend and artist Matthias Kiss, and make such a fresh and relaxed atmosphere that this September I decided to go twice, taking on both dinner and breakfast in the same airy spot over a 24-hour period.


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Paris in Season 08
Paris in Season 09

What is little and orange and 33mm wide? A toy giraffe, a Duplo block and our tangerine Lugano, amongst other things. What is little and orange and 33mm wide? A toy giraffe, a Duplo block and our tangerine Lugano, amongst other things.

Best bits:


If you’re craving ‘goodness’ for dinner, a Season bowl filled with shitake mushrooms and chicken marinated in black garlic, set atop a mound of fresh gluten free green noodles seasoned with miso, matcha and ginger won’t let you down. Wash it down with three of the most delicious dimsum, and a fresh mint tea and you’ll go home happy.

Paris in Season 11

If you’re there for breakfast, the rainbow coloured Acai Bowls are a marvel, both visually and for the taste buds, so make sure to take a snap before diving in if you can bear it. If that feels too unadventurous (or too slimming) try the Banana Tartine: two slices of gluten free bread, with bananas sliced over an almond puree good enough to make you weep. Truth be told - i had both.


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Visit Season at 1 rue Dupuis, 75003 Paris.


Words and Photos by Alicia Waite

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Paris in Season 13
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