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At Larsson & Jennings we are constantly challenging ourselves to evolve the way our watches display and track time. It has always been an ambition to launch an automatic watch, and having spent years in development, we’re excited to bring you the Saxon 39mm Automatic, and tell you a little more about how it was made.

When it comes to watchmaking, there is little more reliable than the expert eye and touch of an experienced watchmaker. Like any other watch with a Swiss mechanical movement, the Saxon Automatics’ specifications are micro-engineered with a painstakingly delicate technique, and dozens of hours of handwork.

Cutting parts, then polishing, filing and assembling them into miniature mechanical machines requires a level of accuracy and complexity, which can only be calibrated and finished by a skilled human hand.

In order to ensure every part of the watch upholds, we work with the best artisans, craftsmen, suppliers and manufacturers on every feature and process, ensuring performance and longevity for every piece.

When choosing the mechanical movement to power the Saxon Automatic, we turned to the home of watchmaking, Switzerland, and particularly to ETA, a Swiss watch manufacturing house who have been producing movements since 1793.

ETA’s manufacturing house is nestled in the hills near Lake Biel in the heart of the Jura region of Western Switzerland. Their movements are some of the most reliable in the industry, and are built by hand by artisans with the accumulation of over 200 years of expertise at their fingertips.


The ETA2892.A2 movement contains nearly 100 parts, including an array of springs, gears, cogs, screws and base plates. All parts are specially chosen, shaped, calibrated and hand-finished to work in unison together, accurately telling the time to within seconds per day. 21 of those parts are jewels; precious stones similar to sapphire and ruby, which cover the pins and joints of moving parts to dissipate any friction inside the watch and allow it to work to the highest performance.

Complimenting each of the four casing colourways, we’ve worked alongside Swedish tannery Tärnsjö Garveri to create a bespoke hand-made leather strap, especially for the series. Based amongst the trees in the North of Uppsala in Eastern Sweden, Tärnsjö Garveri have been producing beautiful, hard-wearing and sustainable leather for over 140 years. Among the remaining five percent of tanning houses worldwide who still employ the tradition of vegetable tanning, Tärnsjö has employed craftsmen with unsurpassed knowledge and experience in the art since 1873.


All hides are manufactured with the utmost respect for their surrounding environment, sourced from local Swedish farms and treated using traditional methods: with bark extracts, water and a water-based finishing to produce leather of unparalleled quality and durability.

From Tärnsjö, the leather is then flown to the hills of Ancona in Italy, where it is hand-sewn into a bespoke strap design, before its journey to Switzerland for final assembly.

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